Andrew Nelson Hypnotherapy NLP

Andrew Nelson Hypnotherapy NLP CBT
Andrew Nelson Hypnotherapy NLP

Andrew Nelson Hypnotherapy, NLP, Welcome to my website. I have been practising for many years in the whole of the North West, to good effect. I am a qualified therapist, practising in Hypnotherapy, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and CBH (a combination of all these techniques).

I am a member of the BAHN, formerly British Institute of hypnotherapy,UK configuration of hypnotherapy Organisations, Reg No,82859, and formerly associate of the Royal Society for medicine.

For those people living outside my area which is Preston and Manchester, and find it difficult getting around, I have introduced into my services “HypnoTalk” with SKYPE and FaceTime, the advantages of “HypnoTalk”Skype or FaceTime hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy services

Andrew Nelson Hypnotherapy NLP CBT
Andrew Nelson Hypnotherapy NLP CBT
Headstrong solutions consulting room
Headstrong solutions consulting room

My services include help with; Anxiety,Smoking cessation,Weight loss programs,Presentations,Emotional problems,Fears and phobias,Hopelessness and in despair,Confidence,Motivation,Sports Concentration,For Boxers,Athletes,Golfers,Footballers,Rugby players and many more. Also Self-esteem,Sexual issues,Love,Happiness,Alcohol abuse,Psychological and emotional issues,Addictions,Cannabis, Heroine,Cocaine and much much more.

Whatever the problem, come to the people who care

Hypnotherapy and  NLP Contacts

Call me On 07710154513 or email me for a free consultation or skype or facetime

Sessions cost £39.50

opening hours Monday-Saturday, 8am-6pm


  • Hypnotherapy or hypnosis are not medical or psychological cures
  • However I think of hypnotherapy and NLP as complementary help
  • Please ensure that you inform your doctor or GP, before engaging in hypnotherapy NLP and their benefits
  • Confidentiality, privacy, legal, is governed in all respects with accordance with only English law and any dispute, in relation to this agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

andrew.nelson766 is my Skype address.




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