How Does Hypnotherapy Work?


What Hypnotherapy is about

What is hypnosis?   what are differences between hypnosis and self hypnosis?

Some people think of hypnosis as strange and mysterious sideshows run by magicians. Hypnosis is not mysterious; you have been in hypnotic states hundreds of times in your life and will continue to, until you die. You will not notice it because it’s such a natural state, just like being half asleep half awake or just a trance like state.

It could have been one time when you were driving along a familiar road, and at the end of your journey  not been able to remember how you drove your car, turning the steering wheel, looking in the mirrors, pressing the accelerator pedal, using your indicators. You were probably listening to the radio, or thinking of a member of family or cooking a meal, or something like that. This is a common occurrence.

What we learn is stored in the subconscious mind; you’ve learnt to drive, your driving skill

What is hypnotherapy
What is hypnotherapy

is then stored in the subconscious and becomes an automatic response, every time you get behind the wheel to drive the subconscious knows how and what to do.

Your conscious mind now becomes free to think of other things like you are multitasking,  your car is being driven subconsciously and you are beginning to think of your evening meal, or a work colleague and many other things. When your attention is needed for driving your conscious mind focuses its attention back to driving.

We have thousands of automatic activities stored in our subconscious minds; when our automatic activity comes into play, your conscious mind gets diverted from your subconscious and a hypnotic state takes place such as described above.

Daydreaming is a form trance, in fact it’s the first step to any hypnotic state, like the description above our minds will start drifting when we are driving, jogging, dancing, walking, making the bed.  These activities and more are learned, have dropped into subconscious and become an automatic response, leaving us to daydream or  going into trance.

Understanding how our brain works

I will us anger as an example

Anger is a learnt response, probably caused by your environmental issues. They say practice makes perfect, the more you do a thing, the more it sticks, becoming a Subconscious act.

We have two parts to our minds one is the conscious mind, the other the subconscious mind, both have different functions.

The conscious mind, your decision-making mechanism, it is a thinker, it can reason and choose. For example, you choose what to eat, your home, your lifestyle, your friends and enemies: decisions are made in the conscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is a big bio computer, your memory bank, its stores information from the day you are born, it can remember 10 billion pieces of information. It does not reason or think, it does not make decisions. It believes negative and positive information without evidence, it will act on both, in different circumstances.

What you think is how you feel, how are you feeling is how you behave, Think about what you want and you will get it, Think about what you don’t want and you’ll get that too.

You can implant negative thoughts into your subconscious mind without you even knowing, this happens when you’re constantly telling yourself negative affirmations, like I’m not the sharpest knife in the box, I’m so stupid, doing this makes me really mad and angry,I find it difficult to do this, I can’t do this, your subconscious begins to believe these affirmations and acts on them as if they’re true. This is also true for positive affirmations the subconscious mind works the same way. This is why the above comment is so true.

Conscious levels in hypnosis

Hypnotic states range from being fully awake to being asleep. The levels are; a light trance, moderate trance, deep trance, sleep. You can be hypnotised at some level in all of these states.

Hypnotherapy can change your outlook giving you fantastic new experiences, improving your well-being, giving you freedom from the past. The only side-effects from hypnosis are good ones – hypnosis is completely natural. You cannot be made to do anything against your better judgement whilst in hypnotherapy.

The benefits of hypnotherapy

  • Pain relief
  • Organic function Control
  • Increases concentration
  • Being more alert in your thought recall
  • Sleep can be improved
  • Age regression can be accomplished
  • Your ability to learn remember increases

All of the above can be attained with self hypnosis

Hypnotherapy can also help with

  • Health problems
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Weight loss
  • Smoking
  • Phobias and fears
  • Confidence
  • Learning growing
  • Childbirth
  • Sports
  • Creativity
  • And much more.
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