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Wigan hypnotherapy for hypnotherapists, Hi and welcome hypnotherapy and NLP in Wigan,

At some times in our lives, we try to improve ourselves to make things better in difficult situations.

Blackpool hypnotherapy
Blackpool hypnotherapy

Most of our habits (good and bad) have been embedded or ingrained into our subconscious mind and are difficult to shift.

Negative behaviours and habits can be changed to positive ones, giving you a much more happier and healthier life.

Hypnotherapy and NLP have been able to achieve positive change, quickly and safely, giving you freedom from the past.

Hypnotherapy and NLP can help change bad habits such as: smoking, addictions, weight loss issues, phobias and fears and IBS, (irritable bowl syndrome) ; NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) recommends hypnotherapy for this issue.

Wigan Hypnotherapy and NLP has helped many people with weight loss; it works well with appropriate eating plans, anxiety,

Wigan Hypnotherapy and NLP has helped many people with weight loss; it works well with appropriate eating plans. Also, anxiety, Allergies, Confidence, Boosting, Depression, Stress, Eczema,Psoriasis,Fear of flying,Cannabis addiction,Confidence boosting,Help with presentations,Fear of needles and flying, Fear of needles,Public speaking, Anger management, Gastric band hypnotherapy, Hypno band, IBS, Irritable bowel syndrome, Pain relief, Happiness, Erectile dysfunction, Exam nerves,Confidence,Motivation,Blushing,Bruxism,(Teeth grinding)Fear of flying,Panic attacks,Living with fear,Social phobia,Driving anxiety,Spiders,Driving Test,Phobias,Alcohol abuse,Drug abuse,Sex addiction,Porn addiction,Quit smoking,Gambling addictions,Childbirth,Eating disorders,Exam stress,No self confidence,Public speaking,Low self-confidence,Motivation,Stuttering,Tinnitus, and much more

Hypnotherapy and NLP

Our thoughts, behaviour and feelings can be altered from negative to positive, using the power of suggestion to the subconscious mind with hypnotherapy.

NLP is a talking therapy and adjusts words and meanings so we can see and view the world in a more positive way.

Wigan hypnotherapy, also in Lythum and  St Annes

 Wigan hypnotherapy, Andrew Nelson is a well known hypnotherapist in the north-west of England, including Wigan, provides for Life changing techniques with great results.

Headstrong solutions, uses hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, helps with this issues for irritable bowel syndrome, sexual issues, depression, self-esteem, with hypnosis, CBT, NLP. Also pain relief, Weight loss, confidence and motivation, for healthy relationships, Child abuse, confidence building, Sports performance.

Wigan hypnotherapy, can also help with weight loss issues, anger management  addictions, cigarette smoking, and stopping smoking, the driving test, gastric band hypnotherapy, or a virtual gastric band to lose weight to lose inches To lose a dress sizes.

Have you come to Wigan hypnotherapy within issue for insomnia, lack of sleep, bad habits, alcohol abuse, jealousy, exam nerves, gastric band hypnotherapy, or the hypno band, we offer Quick lasting results.

Hypnotherapy in Wigan, NLP and CBT techniques, can help with problem-solving, anxiety, stuttering, cocaine habits, cannabis habits, memory loss, Love issues,

Whatever the problem come to the people care

People of Wigan expect the very best hypnotherapy and I was sure to get that from headstrong solutions, giving you life changing results.

If you need help, the public speaking, Post traumatic stress syndrome, cannabis dependency, phobias, Weight loss issues, Sport psychology motivation, confidence, nailbiting, bruxism(teeth gnashing) depression,

What you think is how you feel; how you feel is how you behave. Think about what you want and you’ll get it; think about what you don’t want and you’ll get that too !!!!!!
Wigan Hypnotherapy   Stopping smoking with hypnotherapy

Blackpool Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking is really powerful; breaking negative rituals and patterns such as smoking after a meal, when offered a cigarette, with coffee or tea, after sex, one before bed, before a meeting and so on.


With Blackpool hypnosis and NLP for addictions we treat the cause as as the symptom, getting to the root of the addiction.

Wigan Hypnotherapy  and NLP for Anxiety

WiganHypnotherapy Confidence and self-belief can be boosted using hypnosis and NLP, lessening the feelings of worry, fear and anxiety.

Wigan Hypnotherapy and NLP for Weight Loss

Blackpool Hypnotherapy, we at Headstrong Solutions have treated people for  weight loss issues to great effect for over 20years.

Wigan Hypnotherapy and NLP for Gastric band Hypnotherapy

See my testimonial page for Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.

Mental Creative and Positive Imagery in Hypnosis

Improve your body image, mental state, sports performance, love life, confidence, self esteem, lifestyle and much much more with, Mental Creative and Positive Imagery in Hypnosis

Try these Self Hypnosis steps, to help with positive mental imagery

More info on Mental creative imagery in hypnosis

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