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 Welcome to Headstrong solutions, for advanced Hypnotherapy in the Manchester Preston Sale and Cheshire areas. Hi, I’m Andrew Nelson Clinical Hypnotherapist, would you like to use my new and advanced hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques to help you “Think out of the box,” instead of trying harder and harder to do something that does not work? As you may know thinking out of the box means, to explore ideas that are innovative, creative, and out of the norm, giving you headstrong solutions, mental energy and a massive feeling of success. You are welcome to try these new and advanced techniques.
Andrew Nelson
I have helped a lot of people in the Northwest get what they have wanted in over 20 years, working with young, mature, and Senior adults coming from a wide range of backgrounds. Do you want to stop smoking or give up an addiction with hypnosis or NLP? Get help with money worries? Lose Weight, a little or a lot of weight? Hypnotherapy or NLP works well here. You have a fear/phobia that is causing you discomfort or need anger management, or you want to figure out something that has been puzzling for some time. Hypnotherapy  NLP and thinking out of the box will “turn the light bulb on” for you, giving you help with a wide range of limiting issues which I will discuss in more detail later. 


"What you think is how you feel and how you feel is how you behave. Think about what you want and you'll get it. Think about what you don't want and you'll get that too."

Andrew Nelson

"The Mind is like a parachute, it works best when it's open"

                                                Dalai Lama
Andrew Nelson
This website is about a new and advance way hypnosis and NLP will help you sustain your ups and downs on your journey, giving you new personal power, it’s about training your brain to do the hard things easily with these proven techniques.
Ask yourself, is your mind efficient enough to learn new things quickly? So, you remember the things that are so important to you, not forgetting simple things? Do you hold negative beliefs about yourself? Has your mind got unwanted fear, guilt, anger, sadness, hurt, worry? We all struggle in some ways at some parts of our lives with issues that make us weak minded, having low mood, no confidence and depressed.

"If you feel burnout setting in, if you feel demoralised and exhausted, it is best for the sake of everyone, to withdraw and restore yourself"

                                                     Dalai Lama

If we only looked after our minds as well as we looked after our bodies. Just like we go to physical gyms to maintain our muscle strength and our cardiovascular systems, making us happy within ourselves while warding of most illnesses, boosting our endurance levels, and having the physical power to tackle our work through the day, our minds need the same work outs to maintain and have complete confidence in ourselves
Andrew Nelson

I've created an Advanced "Virtual MindGYM" that Models a Physical Gym

brain, organ, muscle-5532459.jpg
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Andrew Nelson

"A strong body is a good asset. A strong mind is a very good asset"

                                                   Rickson Gracie

Andrew Nelson

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    1. Thank you for helping me be the best that I can be, it’s very much appreciated by me, my family and my friends.

    2. Rachel parkinson

      Andrew helped me stop smoking.I smoked 20 plus a day!! I loved smoking but as I got older I recognised the effects it was having on my health. I have been smoke free for over 10 years and cant even remember being a smoker!!
      It was so easy!! No cravings at all!! I cant recommend his methods enough!

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