A testimonial from Josephine

An Email from Josephine

Hi Andrew,

We all enjoyed having you. Believe me, you’re not the first person Ben has served one too many drinks to – me included! Please don’t worry about that at all. We’d be delighted for you to come again whenever it suits you and bring your wife next time, for longer. I’m sorry it was such a rush at the airport – the sooner they sort out the roadworks, the better! Fate was on your side and the plane was delayed! I’m sure you had some part in that!

Anyway, just to update you on the kids; Ollie won a gold medal this week in a debating competition. This was his first time and the entire school year above him was watching as he put forward his argument! He’s delighted. I asked him how he felt before the competition and he said he was a bit nervous, but didn’t feel sick, which is definitely down to the work you did with him. Heidi is due to take her Junior Cert exams in a few weeks time and was looking to drop from the higher level paper in Irish to ordinary level. We had a bit of a chat last weekend and then she really focused on it this week and has decided to stick with the higher level paper. Again, I put this down to the session you had with her and the information you sent her. We’re very grateful for what you did with them both and I’m sure they’ll want to have a chat with you again in the future. 

Thanks for sending through the invoice – I’ll get that transferred to you on Monday. Please make sure you send these through and don’t wait for me to remind you! We find your sessions exremely helpful and value the work you do with us. Ben has become a much happier person to be around this year, so thank you!

Have a lovely weekend and we’ll be in touch very soon.