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Hypnotherapy in Preston. Just like Mike on the video below, most people have their first, and maybe only, exposure of hypnosis through stage show hypnotists, in bars, on TV or even the Hollywood productions.  From this, they form impressions of hypnosis that are magical and dangerous. Hypnosis is portrayed as a scary form of mind control where the helpless victim gives his or her mind control over to the performer.Listen to Mike and Jan…

Andrew Nelson

 I am a qualified hypnotherapist, an NLP practitioner, (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) I have had teachings with Richard Bandler co-creator of NLP) a Motivational Coach, Hypno-Pschotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, HYpno-Analysis, Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy, Suggestion Hypnotherapy These tools I work with have taken years to perfect,
I’m a caring hypnotherapist, warm, gentle, listening and understanding; I’m not  judgemental, I am open and honest, giving you plenty of time to explain your particular concerns. I encourage you to unwind, relax, and feel comfortable with me before getting into detail; I find a “getting to know you” phase brings trust between us, which is paramount.  Formerly a member of the BIH (the British Institute of Hypnotherapy), the Confederation of Hypnotherapy, Organisation (reg No 82859), Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine, and member of the BAHN(the British Association of Hypnotherapy)
My aim has always been as a Hypnotherapist to make an under-achiever comfortable and functional in their particular field. They will use the same tools that I use, and nothing will get in their way. Call or email if you want me to apply this to you.
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson Hypnotherapist

How to get the best out of "Headstrong Solutions" Hypnotherapy Online (my website)

Hypnotherapy in the Preston area gives you a great understanding of hypnosis. But if you want practical outcomes and awesome ways to press your reset button, or for a fresh new start, begin here! Start your first free session, using all the tools I offer. You will get free Guided Hypnotherapy, help with self hypnosis, and also tools that used correctly will spur you on your way.  
The first part of this  website is structured into 4 parts, an overview of how the mind affects your behaviour. I will be happy to discuss these areas in a free consultation.
1 What is Hypnotherapy?
2 The conscious and the sub-conscious
3 Guided Hypnotherapy and Self-hypnosis
4 Conscious imagery for positive outcomes
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Whatever the problem, come to the people who care

I can help with:

IBS, Irritable bowel syndrome, Pain relief, Happiness, Erectile dysfunction, Exam nerves, Confidence, Motivation, Blushing, Bruxism,(Teeth grinding) Fear of flying,Panic attacks, Living with fear, Social phobia, Driving anxiety, Spiders, Driving Test, Phobias, Alcohol abuse, Drug abuse, Sex, addiction, Porn addiction, Quit smoking, Gambling addictions, Childbirth, Eating disorders, Exam stress, No self confidence, Public speaking, Low self-confidence, Motivation, Stuttering, Tinnitus
and much more
PS if your issue is not here, call or email me.

I don't waste time telling you about the issue you present with and it's affects, after all, you are an expert on it.

A lot of of therapists do. You only have to look at some of their websites; they write paragraph after paragraph about something you know more about than they do, and nothing of recovering from the complaint. I treat the cause as well as the symptom, but not only that. With my hypnotic techniques I make sure the symptom does not return.
Hypnotherapy in Preston

My sole aim is to teach you my skills and techniques...

Which I use to give you freedom from the past. Hypnotherapy for headstrong solutions  include; guided hypnotherapy, leading to Self-hypnosis, where you become the guide and the subject. Imagine being able to put yourself into an awesome state in seconds before you go into some important activity; in sport, making presentations, teaching, love making. 
Learn with hypnotherapy

Call me now 07710 154 513 or email for a free first session to know you are taking the right path address
Lea Lane, Lea Town, Preston, Lancs.