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Andrew Nelson-Hypnotherapist in Preston

I will help you Transform your Vision into Creative Results

Hypnotherapy in Preston. Just like Mike on the video below, most people have their first, and maybe only, exposure of hypnosis through stage show hypnotists, in bars, on TV or even the Hollywood productions.  From this, they form impressions of hypnosis that are magical and dangerous. Hypnosis is portrayed as a scary form of mind control where the helpless victim gives his or her mind control over to the performer.Listen to Mike and Jan…

Andrew Nelson

I am now semi retired and formerly a member of the BIH (the British Institute of Hypnotherapy), the Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations( reg No 82859), Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine, and member of the BAHN (the British Association of Hypnotherapy).
andrew Nelson

I can help you with:

IBS, Irritable bowel syndrome, Pain relief, Happiness, Erectile dysfunction, Exam nerves, Confidence, Motivation, Blushing, Bruxism,(Teeth grinding) Fear of flying,Panic attacks, Living with fear, Social phobia, Driving anxiety, Spiders, Driving Test, Phobias, Alcohol abuse, Drug abuse, Sex, addiction, Porn addiction, Quit smoking, Gambling addictions, Childbirth, Eating disorders, Exam stress, No self confidence, Public speaking, Low self-confidence, Motivation, Stuttering, Tinnitus
and much more

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