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Andrew Nelson Hypnotherapy NLP CBT

Welcome to my website. I have been practising for many years in the North West, to good effect. I am a qualified therapist, practising in Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and CBH (a combination of all these techniques).

I am now semi retired and formerly a member of the (BIH) the British Institute of Hypnotherapy, the Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations reg No 82859, senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine, the (BAHN) the British Association of Hypnotherapy

Andrew Nelson Hypnotherapy NLP CBT
Headstrong solutions consulting room

My consulting room in Preston

My services include help with; Anxiety, Smoking CessationWeight loss programs, Presentations, Emotional problems, Fears and phobias, Hopelessness and in despair, Confidence, Motivation, Sports Concentration, For Boxers, Athletes, Golfers, Footballers, Rugby, footballers, Self-esteem, Sexual, issues, Love, Happiness, Alcohol abuse, Psychological and emotional issues, Addictions, Cannabis, Heroine, Cocaine and much much more.


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