Confidence and Motivation in Sport, Life and Help as a Person

What is Confidence

Self-confidence is the difference between feeling awesome and strong with personal power, or timid and scared,The way you think of yourself has a great impact on how you behave.There are quite a few factors affecting self-confidence that seem uncontrollable Internally and externally.There are many positive things that you can do to reverse these feelings and gain self-confidence.

Confidence and Motivation in Sport, Life and Help as a Person

To accomplish any task to a good standard, needs a good level of desire, and motivation is achieved confidence and belief are also related to the outcome. “Headstrong solutions” gives you the tools for self belief, with confidence motivation to get what you want in life. 

What you think is how you feel, how you feel is how you behave. Think about what you want and you'll get it , think about what you don't want you'll get that too.

Confidence and Motivation in Sport, Life and Help as a Person

Do you lack self-belief and confidence in social status, self worth, have you got stage fright ,no physical presence, peer independence? “Headstrong solutions” will give you the tools to be: assertive at work, have courage and self-confidence, banish insecurity. Creating personal change, achieving life long dreams, enjoy your work, be are confident speaker,Learn how to love, Have a new interview techniques.

Try this exercise

Self help in confidence boosting


  1. Think of resource state that you would like to have in the future, that will give you confidence In a situation.This could be( joy, excellency, ecstasy, fun, creativity, confidence, compassion etc.)

2. Relax down into a trance.(Use the relaxation  suggestion, on my Self hypnosis page, in the paragraph entitled(A good way of practising self hypnosis. The more relaxed you become the more powerful the rest of this exercise will be, so enjoy becoming more relaxed .

3. Remember a time when you felt your chosen resource state strongly, or imagine in the future a situation that would allow you to feel the chosen resource state. 

4. Fully associated in to the experience and see what you saw at the time, Hear what you heard and feel those feelings. Make the colours brighter,Turn up the sounds and amplify the feelings. Anchor this feeling by squeezing your finger and thumb together.

5. Notice where these feelings are in your body. What colour would you give these feelings.Imagine spreading the colour feelings over your body,Amplify the feelings, When the feelings are amplified,again squeeze your finger and thumb together to capture the feeling. 

6. Break state (Look around The roomOr remember your telephone number.)

7. Test anchor: Squeeze your finger and thumb together.If you’ve done the above steps correctly You should feel those feelings coming back. Congratulate yourself (This is very useful as it reinforces the idea in your mind that you can do these exercises and they will become even easier to do!) 

8. Now think of specific situation where this supreme resource state would be useful.

9. Imagine what you’ll see/hearJust before you want this state to kick in.Example: The bosses door,The eyes of a specific member of the opposite sex,A blank painting canvas,A tennis ball etc

10. Now fire the resource anchor by squeezing your finger and  thumb together whilst imagining being in The chosen Situation, Unfolding get as you desire it too.

Well done, you can now look forward to the future situation even more.Where else and how else can use the above technique?The possibilities are endless.

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