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The Conscious and the Sub-Conscious Mind

The Conscious Mind

The conscious is being aware of the here and now. We take information in the here and now through our senses: sense of smell, taste, hearing, feeling and seeing. The conscious mind can think, create and have ideas; it guards, protects, questions, criticises and tries to make sense of the outside world. It can only focus on a few things at once, and is very poor at multi tasking. (This is just an over view.)

The Sub-Conscious Mind makes you the Person you Are

The Sub-conscious mind is your brain’s power plant. Everything you do goes through it; it is like a bio-computer and can remember billions of pieces of information. It takes information in without you knowing from the outside world and also from your conscious thinking too. It started taking information on the first day you were born and will continue to do so until you die. Everything you ever heard or saw or smelt or tasted, and every feeling, is logged into your Sub-conscious as well as your decisions and ideas and every event you have ever experienced. It is excellent at multi-tasking. 

Your Sub-Conscious is your Power Plant

 It controls all bodily functions.It is also your belief system, believing everything that enters into it, even without evidence, because it cannot think, it just does what is programmed into it, just as a computer does. Therefore, if it believes a negative it will keep doing the negative, even if the conscious mind tries to over-rule it; you’ll find it much stronger than the conscious mind. It thinks the same as if it is doing a positive function. The conscious cannot over rule it completely, even with brute force.

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