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Guided Hypnotherapy for Self-Hypnosis

Guided Hypnotherapy

Is to help you achieve the techniques of Self-Hypnosis in a safe way. In Self-Hypnosis individuals give themselves responsive suggestions, after they induce in themselves states that they can trust, and open, relaxed, receptive. Self-Hypnosis is used mostly to treat dysfunctions, mental physical, emotional behaviour.

The Dangers of Self-Hypnosis include:-

Don’t use self hypnosis when driving in the car, or using heavy machinery, or when you need to stay awake and alert. Also:- By Mistake, Self hypnosis is great when you’re relaxed, once you’ve learned a relaxing technique, You can use with a trigger, that could be sound, vision, or even a feeling, to put you into this relaxing state very quickly.
The problem is if somebody else uses this trigger, unknown to you, you could go to a relaxing state.This could be very dangerous if you’re doing one of the above mentioned.
Make sure your trigger is unique to just you.

Don't think you are a Pro after your first few Successful Sessions

A lack of expertise will cause you complications, that’s why I’m here to guide you on your way to a better you. There are many uncomfortable situations that you could get into in Self- Hypnosis and if you don’t know how to get out of them, how could you? That’s why I start you off with  easier situations first to change. 
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Coming out of trance Safely

When in Hypnosis, you are out of touch with the things around you and more focused and in a heightened sense of awareness internally. You must follow the correct procedure, to avoid unnecessary complications. (this will be discussed in the Self-Hypnosis exercise)
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Dealing with Trauma from the past

Having guided Hypnotherapy will help you deal with unwanted episodes from the past that are not helpful.

Health issues

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It would be useful to speak to your GP before you venture into Self-Hypnosis.

Treat the cause as well as the symptom in Self-Hypnosis

It is a wise to get rid of past issues that are not helpful and have freedom from them when changing behaviour
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It Makes Sense to use Guided Hypnotherapy for Self-hypnosis

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