Hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Stop smoking with hypnotherapy NLP CBT

Headstrong solutions stop smoking with hypnotherapy and NLP
Headstrong solutions stop smoking with hypnotherapy and NLP
  • No cravings
  • Better complexion
  • Feel cleaner and fresher
  • Free from nicotine smells
  • Lots more energy
  • More money in your pocket
  • Better Health and well-being
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  • Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking is quick and safe

Free tips for stopping smoking

Creating positive mental imagery, for becoming a non smoker

Mental imagery has been well researched with a variety of positive and negative issues, mental and physically. The positive side, being effective in our bodies, pain relief, alleviating nausea, our reduction in asthma, and hot flushes, rheumatism and much much more. Help with depression, anxiety, motivation and confidence, neurosis, many famous sports people will tell you, how they use mental imagery in the positive, to be champions their particular fields.

Mental imagery is a state of self hypnosis, or mindfulness. When you listen to an e-book or you are reading a book, our minds create pictures and sounds, feelings, smells and tastes, of what we’re taking in, this is multi-sensory. We see things in graphic detail, in nicam sound, HD that’s high-definition, 3-D and with feelings. Positive or negative these images can become real.

So what you think, is how you feel, how you feel is how you behave. Think about what you want, and you will get it, Think about what you don’t want, and you’ll get that to.

Here is away, with mental imagery, some tips to create your own effective Stop smoking mental imagery: to create the very best for yourself.

Before you start, put your limiting beliefs on an imaginary shelf.

1. Decide on the end goal first.

2. With the larger goal in mind, write down each step needed to reach it. Be realistic and descriptive. For example, see, here, feel yourself, with no cravings, feeling cleaner fresher, notice how you complexion is getting better and better, your all round health and well-being is great with lots more energy than you had do before. No more stinking of nicotine. Having lots more money in your pocket.

3. Use multi-sensory imagery (seeing, hearing, sensing, smelling, tasting food better.

4. Focus on both the observable changes (e.g., becoming slimmer, or completing a longer run) and the inner ones (e.g., being confident, feeling more satisfied, happier, more confidence,

5. As you become aware of barriers to your goal, such as fear of losing a former coping tool (e.g., smoking), worries that others will be threatened by your success, or the idea of yourself as unable to do what you really want to do, imagine leaving these negative feelings behind.

6. Use affirming, success-oriented language that is grounded in the present moment rather than in the future. So “I am happy, and enjoy more exercise,” I’m a non-smoker now, happy to be a non-smoker, Glad to be a non-smoker, it’s great to be a non-smoker, I am a non-smoker, I am a non-smoker, I am a non-smoker. These positive affirmations, are very powerful, use them as much as you can.

7. Record yourself delivering the imagery. Your own voice lovingly encouraging you can be an extremely potent tool for creating change.

Guided imagery—whether directed by a therapist, delivered by way of an audio download, or via a self-created recording—can help us develop more positive images to sooth our bodies, calm our minds,  achieve important goals, and feel better overall.

This is very powerful,When used with our therapist

Be well!

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Fees. The smoking £100, in the unlikely event that you need more sessions there is no charge.