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Overweight teacher loses 8 STONE after being hypnotised into believing she had a gastric band

  • Weight had spiralled to 21 stone after diets failed

UPDATED: 16:25, 30 August 2011


An overweight primary school teacher has lost almost eight stone after she was hypnotised into believing doctors had fitted her with a gastric band.

Kim Robinshaw, 31, whose weight had spiralled to 21 stone was sent into a trance by a slimming expert after other dieting attempts failed to work.

When she woke up Kim believed she had undergone surgery to have the band fitted and she started shedding the pounds.

Virtual gastric band: Kim Robinshaw, of Lancashire, was hypnotised into thinking she had the surgery and has lost almost 8 stone since

Before the weight loss: Kim on holiday in Egypt in 2009, when she was a size 24 dress

She dropped from a size 24 to a svelte 14-16 in nine months due to her ‘virtual gastric band’.

Kim, of Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire, said: ‘I think the results are incredible, I’ve still got a bit more weight to lose, but I just can’t get over it.

‘I didn’t tell anyone at first about the hypnotherapy. My mum and dad were supportive, so they were the only ones that knew. I didn’t want to say it was going to work.

‘It was coming up to Christmas that colleagues at work started to notice and I started to tell people and I think about ten of them have already booked to see him.

‘Had I been able to afford a real band I may have thought about it, but really I didn’t want more surgery so this was another option. I was willing to try anything.

‘I wasn’t big enough to get one on the NHS, which made me think – am I meant to get bigger? 

‘I thought it’s only what you’d pay to go to Weight Watchers but upfront but it’s given me the will power, it’s changed my life completely’

‘I thought it’s only what you’d pay to go to Weight Watchers but upfront but it’s given me the will power, it’s changed my life completely.’

She booked herself an appointment with gastric band hypnotist, Andrew Nelson, in October last year at a cost of £275.

Kim had struggled with her figure since having an over-active thyroid gland removed as a teenager. 

But after being diagnosed with endometriosis – a painful condition caused by small pieces of womb lining existing elsewhere in the body – childless Kim was forced to undergo a hysterectomy in 2006.

She undertook hormone replacement therapy began comfort eating and her weight spiralled out of control.

Working long hours meant Kim regularly feasted on large-portioned late-night dinners with her husband Alan, 46, and, despite trying to shed the pounds with diet classes, she often snacked on crisps and chocolate on her way home.

Although she was desperately unhappy, Kim was wary of having quick-fix weight-loss surgery, which costs up to £5,000, and so when her husband told her of a work colleague’s amazing transformation due to gastric band hypnosis she was intrigued.

When the couple, who have been married for six years, were packing to go on holiday a few weeks later, Kim stepped on the scales with her suitcase to weigh the luggage and was so heavy the pointer went out range, and her mind was made up.

Kim said: ‘At the time of the hysterectomy it was a bit devastating and I got quite depressed.

‘We weren’t going out because I wasn’t happy with myself. I didn’t feel I could do any exercise; I thought people at the gym would judge me and look at me even though I was trying to do the right thing.

‘At the start you only have liquids, yoghurts for breakfast and soup for lunch and dinner and I was full up, I didn’t need to snack’

‘I would attend weight loss classes and would weekly shop so everything would be low fat but obviously it was just the portion size, we never ate badly.’ 

She attended her first session with Mr Nelson in October last year and after being convinced she had a gastric band fitted, she was given the same eating plan as a real gastric band patient, which gradually eases the patient from an all liquid diet to pureed food then solids.

Kim said: ‘I’ve had ten sessions in total because I just have them when I need to, Andrew texts every week to see how the weight loss is going and if you don’t text back he’s quick to follow up.

‘It started off where I was losing 10lb the first week and then nines and eights and now I just lose it in ones or twos.

‘Basically you feel like your stomach is the size of your fist, before this I was eating way more.

‘At the start you only have liquids, yoghurts for breakfast and soup for lunch and dinner and I was full up, I didn’t need to snack.

‘If I had too much I would feel sick and that’s how you’re meant to feel if you actually had it done.

‘Every time you feel the need to go and see Andrew, he is available and he can just ‘tighten or loosen the band’ as required.’ 

Now Kim says she feels like a new woman and her husband, Alan, is over the moon with his wife’s slender new physique.

Kim said: ‘Alan and I are more active again and going on walks and going out because I feel much happier in myself.

‘We walk home from the train station every night and then I go to the gym, although I still feel like I don’t quite belong there I feel comfortable going.

‘I’ve still got a bit more to lose, I’d like to be a comfortable size 14, but so far I’m delighted with the results.’ 

Mr Nelson said: ‘Every client has different issues and needs. A virtual-gastric-hypno-band can be ‘fitted’, giving the client the same feelings which would be experienced with surgery, but without the discomfort, inconvenience and cost. 

‘This allows the client to lose weight steadily and safely.’

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Michael Powell, Bristol, 7 years ago

Ridiculous — she lost the weight because she was put on the same diet plan as someone with a gastric band. Once again, it’s simply a case of eating much less. No magic, no mysticism.

  • Jayne, Blackpool, 7 years ago

Karl from Leeds, you appear to be missing the point of the whole article, which incidentally is about dramatic weight loss due to hypnosis. Whichever words the Mail chooses in writing up this article is the journalist’s choice. It’s a shame after reading the article the only contribution you can muster up is an unnecessary insult. Save it for someone who cares to hear it.

Adam Itinerant, Perth, Australia, 7 years ago

You look great Kim. Good on ya, it must have taken a lot of will power. The hypnosis might have helped but the dedication and focus and all the effort was yours.

Yana, Notts, 7 years ago

I used to play with hypnosis when I was a teenager and some hypnotized people could even not react to a pin prick or a hot item placed on their hands for a second or two. Natural, physiological reactions that you normally can’t stop (your hand would just move away quickly from the source of pain/heat, wouldn’t it) could be stopped. We did many experiments with my friends and me as a hypnotist… but that was just fun for us. £275 per session you say… well, I guess I should revise a little bit and start a new career 🙂

Nicki, expat , 7 years ago

Well done Kim!! Good for you!!

mandy, oxfordshire, 7 years ago

I had this procedure in London two years ago, it worked for about a day! I had heard much hype about this, all i can say from my own personal opinion is that it did not work ! no matter how disgusting you are told chocolate is for you..i.e. think of the most revolting thing you can and when you see chocolate or think of it you will have this revolting image… only lasted about a week! my minds own strength

  • Faye, Blackpool, 7 years ago

Kim you look fantastic but my comment is to all those people who think it’s appropriate to post such negative comments! I agree that it is your opinion in which you have a right to but it’s just the negative impact these may have on Kim herself. With positivity comes the strength and passion to keep at it! Negativity doesn’t do anyone any favours! Yourselves included!

Karl, Leeds, 7 years ago

She’s done well, but for goodness sake there’s no way on earth she can be described as “svelte’, based on that ‘after’ photo. She’s still a large girl. It makes a mockery of the whole thing if you use stupid terms to describe someone who is still very overweight.

Shaundra, London, 7 years ago

She looks great – good on her!

  • Kevin, Napier, New Zealand, 7 years ago

I always believed that teachers didn’t live in the real world, and now it’s been proved. LOL.