Mental Creative and Positive Imagery in Hypnosis

Creating positive mental imagery

Mental creative and positive imagery in hypnosis

Try this experiment with yourself.

Shut your eyes, think of the total number of doors in your house or where you live.How did you arrive at that number?  if you were not that sure, you must have used mental imagery and imagined each door. Most of us use mental imagery, to solve problems small or big in our lives.Mental imagery it’s not just visualisation, we can use imagery to create feelings and emotions. In fact, we use imagery with àll our senses, smell, taste hearing, and seeing, all our five senses, most of the time while we’re thinking.

Mental imagery has been well researched with a variety of positive and negative issues, mental and physically. The positive side being effective in our bodies, pain relief, reducing nausea, or reduction in asthma, and hot flushes, rheumatism and much much more. Help with depression, anxiety, motivation and confidence, neurosis.  Many famous sports people will tell you how they use mental imagery in the positive, to be champions their particular fields.

Mental imagery is a state of self hypnosis, or mindfulness. When you listen to an e-book or you are reading a book, our minds create pictures and sounds, feelings, smells and tastes of what we’re taking in; this is multisensory. We see things in graphic detail, in nicam sound, HD that’s high-definition, 3-D and with feelings. Positive or negative these images can become real.

So what you think, is how you feel, how you feel is how you behave. Think about what you want, and you will get it; think about what you don’t want, and you’ll get that too!!!!!!!

Try these Self Hypnosis steps, to help with positive mental imagery:

  1. Let’s say your goal you want is weight loss
  2. You will need to make some notes of each step along the way of your journey, to get there.What will your ideal weight be? Write about exercising, being in new clothes, being more active and flexible and attractive.
  3. Using all your senses, smell, taste, sight, sounds, feelings, see yourself in six months time, lighter, fitter, more, energetic, happier, full of confidence.
  4. In your mind’s eye, focus on the steps above, in Disney colour, NICAM sound, HD(that’s high definition), and 3-D.
  5. What can stop you from reaching your goal? Some people eat for distress or stress, some people for boredom, some people for loneliness, sadness, happiness, fun and much more. Think of these barriers as being a car window, shattered with all pieces on the ground, you can never put the pieces together again – that is the way the subconscious mind will think of those barriers too.
  6. What you think that is how you feel, how you feel is how you behave; think about what you want and you’ll get it, think about what you don’t want and you get that too!!!!
  7. So using successful positive language,I will lose the weight, I will lose the inches,I will drop my dress sizes, I will be the best I can be, very soon. You should do this at specific times, five times a day for three minutes, each time, this is a very important step!!!!
  8. Making a recording of yourself is very, very powerful on playback. Your own voice is a very, very powerful tool in getting what you want.
  9. Whether by yourself or therapist, reiterating the steps, will lead you to your goal.


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