Mental imagery in sport

Headstrong solutions mental imagery and sports
Headstrong solutions mental imagery and sports

Headstrong solutions in  Preston,

 Mental imagery in sport, the athlete he or she, will imagine in the moment of their environment performing their particular task or activity using all their senses. (Sense of smell hearing feeling and seeing) to imagine at a time when they did well and were happy with their (PB), performance, they will have reproduced the very highest level performance possible for them.

Mental imagery and sports performance

Mental imagery can be used for

  • Motivation  with mental imagery, the athlete remembers their very Best performance in all their senses, multiple times. They are then more able to reproduced that performance at will.
  • Perfection with mental imagery, be the best you can be in every
    Headstrong solutions mental imagery and sport
    Headstrong solutions, mental imagery and sport

    thing you attempt

  • Confidence with mental imagery, to defeat the barriers, worries fear, procrastination
  • Seeing your moment of glory and success with mental imagery, many times everyday.
  • belief with mental imagery, have a nothing can stop me attitude
  • Mental rehearsal, with mental imagery, decide your outcome first. Be specific about it, is it achievable, are you enthusiastic, and preparation.

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