Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis

All hypnosis is state of mind or an altered state of mind. you can make suggestions, which will be acted upon, by the conscious  mind.

What are the differences between hypnosis and self-hypnosis


There is no difference between hypnosis and self hypnosis. so you can achieve the same results by using self hypnosis, or having somebody guide you through the procedure. A hypnotherapist has the knowledge and can help you if you wish, but you are always in control, In self hypnosis you are the subject, and the therapist, this is like being the coach and the athlete or the teacher and the pupil, when practising self hypnosis.


What limitations are there with self hypnosis?

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Amazing affects can be obtained using self hypnosis, physical change, curing yourself of warts, pain relief, for medical operations, skin conditions, by using self hypnosis. Other amazing changes can be affected using self hypnosis, Control over fears, motivation and self-confidence can be obtained and rid yourself of allergies.You will learn more about these when I give you your hypnotic tips.

A good way of practicing self hypnosis

You can practice self hypnosis anywhere, in the gym, riding a horse, driving a car, in the airport, waiting for a bus. When you first start learning this technique, it is best to find at place where you will not be disturbed, where is comfortable where you can relax. Indoors is a good place to start somewhere quiet, free from  interruptions. Once you’ve learnt this procedure of self hypnosis and you’re comfortable with it you can perhaps do it anywhere anyplace.

You should take time to practice self hypnosis, you’re developing a skill you can use for the rest of your life, that will enrich you with powers to get you what you want to life.

Is there a special time in the day that you can use maybe a lunch or coffee break or an evening after work is done. At first allow yourself 20 minutes as you become more used to entering into trance states, you can cut this time down, lots of people, just love to be there, in that wonderful state of total relaxation. Many people practice self hypnosis before sleep at night.

Once you’ve found your ideal place, sitting or lying down, with no interruptions for the time you set aside, you need to go into a relaxed state. I like to use the progressive relaxation technique, which gets you to relax different parts of your body starting from your toes and ending up at the tip of your forehead. More often than not, by the time you’re relaxing the tip of your forehead, you’re really in a deep hypnotic relaxed state.(I have a great relaxation recording you can acquire)

Post hypnotic suggestion

Lynda came out of her hypnotic trance, feeling relaxed and settled and really laid-back. Everything that was said to her by her hypnotherapist she remembered quite clearly. She also recalled her own thoughts while in hypnosis. Hypnosis is a good technique for losing weight, and this is why she was using hypnosis. The hypnotherapist was trying to understand the cause as well as the symptom of Lynda’s excessive weight, and explored Lynda’s childhood memories. It was discovered, Lynda used food for emotional issues as a child and still did.

One of the things the therapist did while in trance, was to teach Lynda self hypnosis, and how to re-enter her  trance quickly and safely by using a suggestion. It was agreed, between Lynda and her therapist, that she should get comfortable, Close her eyes and visualise Lynda’s geese at the bottom of the her garden, she would count them from six down to one, then fall into deep hypnosis.

The reason why geese was used as a suggestion was, every time Lynda went to the bottom of her garden and sat in her chair, with her geese around her. She felt so calm, and relaxed, and settled and really enjoyed talking to her geese. Any comfortable memory Lynda  had, could have been used to get into a trance state, Lynda preferred to think about her geese.

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