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Stress and Anxiety.Hypnosis and hypnotherapy have been used for along time to alleviate these symptoms of stress, and has  been scientifically proved to help. Stress is common and can occur in people in their personal live’s or their careers. Stress can motivate people to do great things and get them what they want in life, and stress in others can cause a mental or physical breakdown. Difficulties happen when people think they are unable to cope with situations minor or serious, that they think they should be able to do and see no end or conclusion . Anything that puts a high demand on you can be called a stressor.

tress can cause memory problems, agitation, negative thoughts, mental and emotional problems, constant worry, overwhelming feelings, Poor judgement calls, lack of concentration, low mood, aches and pains, chest pains, feelings of loneliness, eating disorders, over use of alcohol, drug problems, constipation, diarrhoea, no or low sex drive, procrastination, depression, unhappiness and more. Some reasons for stress, imprisonment, moving home, being a carer, exam nerves, making presentations, retirement,  injury or illness, buying a house, rocky relationships, long-term illness, heavy work schedules, difficult colleagues, money worries, job loss, bereavement

Learn this exercise, once you master it, you'll feel so much better.

1. Let’s say your goal is weight loss and you are feeling stressed, anxious, and frustrated with your progress. This self hypnosis technique can work for almost any situation.

2. You will need to make some notes of each step along the way of your journey, to get there.What will your ideal weight be? Write about exercising, being in new clothes, being more active and flexible and attractive.

3. Using all your senses, smell, taste, sight, sounds, feelings, see yourself in six months time, lighter, fitter, more, energetic, happier, full of confidence.

4. In your mind’s eye, focus on the steps above, in Disney colour, NICAM sound, HD(that’s high definition), and 3-D.

5. What can stop you from reaching your goal? Some people eat for distress or stress, some people for boredom, some people for loneliness, sadness, happiness, fun and much more. Think of these barriers as being a car window shattered with all pieces on the ground, you can never put the pieces together again – that is the way the subconscious mind will think of those barriers too.

You will never always be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined.

6. So using successful positive language, say to your self, I will lose the weight, I will lose the inches,I will drop my dress sizes, I will be the best I can be, very soon. You should do this at specific times, five times a day for three minutes, each time, this is a very important step!!!!

7. Making a recording of yourself is very, very powerful on playback. Your own voice is a very, very powerful tool in getting what you want.

8. Whether by yourself or therapist, reiterating the steps, will lead you to your goal.

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The-fight-or flight response (hyper arousal or acute stress response). In most people’s lives stress is unavoidable, and having stress is part of our make-up. Stress is a psychological reaction that happens when we perceive harm or attack to ourselves.There is medicinal help for stress and anxiety and techniques such as CBT, psychotherapy, counselling, NLP, stress management techniques hypnotherapy, Mental creative and positive imagery.Coping with stress should be the aim rather than alleviating it altogether. We should be able to manage and use it in positive ways. With hypnotherapy I can help set realistic goals, prepare a positive way too stressful events, help you cope with things out of your control, help with a good nights sleep, be more relaxed, be more active and exercise, use stress management techniques.

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