Time-Line Therapy

Our minds are like big bio-computers that can store Millions of pieces of information through our lives. The information is stored in a linear way mostly going from left to right in most people, and in other directions for others, (leave a comment for more info) 

Everything you ever heard, saw, smelt or tasted, every decision, idea, event you ever had are logged there, whether emotions are guilt, worry, sorry pain, happiness, anger, hate, love, fear, grief, remorse, regret, the list goes on. These emotions can be triggered off at any time giving you negative or positive feelings. 

The emotions that are holding you back in life can be unlearned naturally, but for some can leave people stuck with their limiting beliefs for most of their lives causing frustration, confusion, lack of confidence, poor decision-making skills in every area of their lives. 

Time-Line Therapy techniques can disrupt and nullify unwanted emotions quickly and safely releasing chains of negative emotions in one procedure, take for example (fear, Time-Line therapy can help cease that emotion from its roots) freeing you to go forward in life. 

When you are in the Virtual MindGYM, we use the power of NLP techniques helping uncover the underlying causes of issues that have held you back for so long and not being able to achieve your full potential. You will learn to relax, find new ways of looking at situations, thinking creatively, suddenly you are the problem solver, helping you be the person you always wanted to be. 


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