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Andrew Nelson
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“A strong body is a good asset, a strong mind is a very good asset”

                                                                                                                         Rickson Grace    

In the Virtual MindGym, you can Train your mind to do all the things that Have been holding you back all this time. Just like you train your body in a physical gym to build your muscles so you are confident lifting weights, or moving at the speed you desire, holding your own with confidence in times of conflict, being proud of your shape, knowing you are in attractive shape, people commenting on how well you look, being able to dress the way you want, having flexibility and being so trim. having different apparatus with a personal trainer too. being physically healthy means a long and happy life. 

You will get the same results in the Virtual MindGym, including mental strength, Headstrong Solutions, Flexibility, and endurance, Get Rid of Unwanted Fears/phobias, Guilt, Shyness, Low Mood, with your own personal trainer. 



"Everything begins from the mind, including change. So, if you want to alter your life, you have to start with your mind set."

                                                    Alexi Weaver

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To get the very best from your mind’s ability, and rid yourself of unwanted fears/phobias, guilt, shyness, low mood and more, you will find the virtual MindGym tics all your boxes, and can give you a Virtual mind workout as a physical gym can do to the body.

 Just like physical gyms have different apparatus working on different parts of the body my virtual MindGym has advanced techniques/therapies working with your mind too.

 Techniques/Therapies in the MindGym Include

Self Hypnosis, Time-Line Therapy, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) (NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming) Guided Imagery, Pause Button Therapy, Mindfulness Techniques, Time Perspective Therapy, Gastric Mind Band Hypnosis, Fast Fear and Trauma Cure, Spinning Technique, The Anxiety Solution, Self Hypnosis, Sports Performance, Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Memory Power, Stress Relief, The Swish Pattern, Modelling, Mirroring, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Anchoring, Self Anchoring and more.

This is where positive change begins

The virtual MindGym gives you new tools for taking on negative challenges for change, a definitive guide on how these skills work and the best way to use them, having more light bulb moments naturally starting on step-by-step strategies.

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What you can expect in the
Virtual MindGYM

Andrew Nelson


Wether you  come into the Virtual MindGym Face to Face or On-line, for your first session, it will be a free consultation lasting around about one hour, maybe longer as we need to get to know each other. After we have exchanged names and are seated comfortable and dispensed with small talk. I would ask you about your life in general and where you want to take it. I will get on to your particular concern, it could be something you want or something you don’t want, during the discussion I will ask you what stops you achieving it, you might know or might not know. 

"A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will"

Spanish Proverb

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In my new advanced virtual MindGym I treat the cause as well as the symptom with my clients, for instance I do not help people to stop smoking without dealing with the reason they smoked in the first place, because at some point they could start again my goal is to help you stop for good.  and this means dealing with the cause of the behaviour in the first place, guaranteeing a smoke free future, and that goes with most issues. The same for bedwetting, phobias, fears, anxiety, alcohol abuse. Every behaviour has a reason for that behaviour. I can also help with anxiety relaxation depression anger sexual dysfunction, most issues. 

"What ever the problem, come to the people who care"

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"The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Andrew Nelson

Special Offer, 5 free Virtual MindGYM Sessions

Book yourself into the Virtual MindGYM for a free 45 minute Consultation

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Everybody who comes to me for help wants to change something in their life to make it better. I choose the tools and techniques in the Virtual MindGym that will best help you quickly and safely giving you what you want in life, there is nothing that you have not gone through that I have not seen before. I have seen the patterns in human behavior that work, and those that do not. 
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