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I have a great new approach for anybody who is sabotaging their weight loss efforts


So, you want to lose weight? Great idea!

But…how on earth do you get started? There’s so much info out there on the web, and everyone’s telling you to do different things. Who do you listen to? 

Weight Watchers? Slimming World – again? Where’s the starting point?

Do you carry on where you left off last year? Do you just cut down again? Do you just try harder? Are you setting yourself up for failure again doing that? It’s too confusing!

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I have been in a great position to research what my successful weight loss clients were doing as opposed to my under achievers. I learned amongst other things, (which I will touch on later), was they had and maintained a permanent Positive Mindset.  Which is the basis for any successful venture, anybody is about take on. 

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Andrew Nelson

Before and After

From my research, I was able to produce a powerful and safe easy weight loss plan, giving clients a sense of urgency, not just for the start of their journey but the whole of it, with that came attitude, and change became their new normal, for individual clients, which has had an 85% success rate.

I now start with each of my clients working on maintaining a permanent positive mind set and keeping it powerful and determined, with different easy techniques creating a massive belief of success all through their weight loss program. 

Andrew Nelson

The 10 Areas you will Cover on your Weight Loss Journey

(1)  Getting addicted to your weight loss goals
(2) Appetite suppressant techniques
(3) The Mind-Gut connection
(4) Motivation for personal development  and confidence
(5) Rid yourself of compulsions
(6) Sweet tooth and chocoholic cessation
(7) Personalised Apps To keep you focused
(8) Discuss/write how your weight loss will impact your life
(9) Dealing with the triggers that cause you to eat
(10) What stops you being the person you want to be?
Andrew Nelson

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