Weight Loss and Hypnotic Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Why do I Sabotage My Weight Loss Efforts

A client told me that she had a an excess weight loss problem all her life. She is now 32 years old, is 5 feet 8 tall and 16 stones in weight. She has tried slimming world, weight watchers tried most diets and eating plans. She loses a couple of stones only to put it back on again and more. I feel really down, about this, when you are supposed to eat sensibly and exercise to lose weight and maintain it, Why can’t I? she moaned. I have planned and prepared my eating plans and diets,  had a personal trainer booked into gyms and still sabotaged my plans, why?

Can it be?

Setting goals I just can’t meet? Missing gym and exercise times? Getting bored? Feeling anxious? Being lonely? Feeling stressed? Feeling unloved? Eating for fun? Or just not planning my weight loss journey in a positive way?

No, it’s none of these

but they sure need to be looked at, on the way to your health and well being I told her.

Your Weight loss Sabotage begins in your Subconscious Mind

To understand how  your subconscious effects your behaviour, I need to explain how your brain works. Your brain has a conscious part and a subconscious part which effects how we operate in the world and within ourselves.

The Conscious and Subconscious mind


The conscious is being aware of the here and now. We take information in the here and now through our senses, sense of smell ,taste hearing, feeling and seeing. The conscious mind can think, create, have ideas, it guards, protects, questions, criticises, tries to make sense of the out side world. It can only focus on a few things at once, and is very poor at multi tasking, this is just an over view.

The Subconscious mind

The Sub-conscious mind Your brains power plant everything you do goes through it, it is like a bio-computer and can remember billions of pieces of information, it takes information in without you knowing from the outside world and also from your conscious thinking too. It started taking information on the first day you were born and will continue to do so till you die. Everything you ever heard or Saw or Smelt or Tasted and every Feeling, is logged into your Sub-conscious, your Decisions and Ideas, every Event you experienced also. It multi-tasks many things at one 

time, which the conscious mind is unable to do. It controls all bodily functions.It is also your belief system, believing every thing that enters into it, even without evidence, because it cannot think, it just does what is programmed into it, just as a computer does. So, if it believes a negative it will keep doing the negative, even if the conscious mind tries to over rule it, you’ll find it much stronger than the conscious mind. It thinks the same as if it is doing a positive function, the conscious cannot over rule it even with brute force.

You will never always be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined.


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