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Weight loss and hypnotic gastric band hypnotherapy, Gastric band hypnosis or virtual gastric band even hypno band, hypnotic gastric band, is a technique where a suggestion is made in  hypnosis, to the subconscious mind, that a gastric band has been fitted to the stomach. Once the subconscious mind has accepted the suggestion,  it begins to experience symptoms of a real gastric band, i.e. The stomach has shrunk.This procedure is safe, as there are no complications as there could be with real surgery.

For those people living outside my area which is Preston and Manchester, and find it difficult getting around, I have introduced into my services On Line“HypnoTalk” with Facebook Messengerand FaceTime, the advantages of On Line“HypnoTalk” Fcebook messenger or FaceTime hypnotherapy.

On Line”HypnoTalk”

"HypnoTalk" Hypnotherapy NLP CBT
“HypnoTalk” Hypnotherapy NLP CBT

You can think yourself thin

Weight loss hypnosis, for the best results, the client should know what a gastric band is and how it works, so an animated video of the procedure is supplied.   It is suggested that the client Play the video till the day of their virtual gastric band operation.

In the UK overeating has become a major problem for 40% of our population.

Gastric band hypnosis reviews, Many people eat emotionally, some people eat when  stressed, anxiety or for boredom, loneliness, sadness, happiness even – resulting in excess weight.

Unconsciously, we overeat because we use food to cope with feelings, positive and negative. Some of us have learned this behaviour from a very early age and it has become an automatic reaction for our emotions.

Over the years Andrew Nelson weight loss programs has designed many therapeutic techniques, to treat excessive weight safely. Using hypnotherapy, NLP(nuero linguistic programming), CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and CBH (a combination of all these techniques) to good effect, helping hundreds of clients in the Northwest.


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